Stories of spirituality, culture, and identity from Latinx perspectives. This podcast is a project of Proyecto Encuentros de Gracia y Bienvenida, an LGBTQ Latinx ministry in the United Church of Christ. New episodes each month on 1st Saturdays.

The second of our back-from-hiatus-back-to-back special. We'll resume our monthly schedule after this episode.

My guest today is Revered Alba Onofrio AKA Reverend Sex and we really get into naming the insidious project of whiteness to claim Latinxs who feel distanced from their heritage, unpack the complexities of mixed identity, and name this force called “Christian supremacy.” This may be a UCC-backed podcast, but the UCC gets called out and we’re blessed for it, honestly.

Follow Rev. Alba's work at Soulforce and Teologia Sin Verguenza:


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